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Break Free From IBS & Reclaim Your Life

Wild Woman Nutrition offers low FODMAP food, fitness & lifestyle guidelines for women with IBS that make food choice easy and restore gut balance.

Do you like living with IBS?



I bet you’ve had enough of?

Belly Bloat


Food Fear

Bathroom Fear


Mood Swings

Low Energy

Elastic Waistbands

Missing Out

If you’re ready to end your battle with IBS, Wild Woman Nutrition is for YOU.

Wild Woman Nutrition Offers YOU:

Low FODMAP Eating Plans & Fitness Tools

Wild Woman Nutrition gives you the life tools to create low FODMAP eating plans that make food choice easy, boost energy and restore gut balance.


IBS Food Balance

Do you want to end food fear and make meal choice easy by learning how to prepare Low FODMAP meals that ease belly bloat and balance your gut?


IBS Energy Balance

Do you want to build lean mass by learning how to train in rhythm with your body and prepare nutrient-dense meals that balance your energy?


Menopause Balance

Do you want to restore your energy by learning how to ease the hormonal upheaval of menopause with nutrition and fitness tools tailored to you?

Who am I? Why can I help?

IBS stole years of my life. Flare-ups, belly bloat and mood swings robbed me of energy, time, and self-belief. Lunch could put me in a coma. Big goals seemed impossible. All I wanted was to feel normal again. This is the secret pain of IBS, the life it traps us into, the constant planning, adjustments, sacrifices and disappointments, the never-ending, and sometimes unbearable, discomfort. For more than twenty years, I was at war with myself. Until I shifted my relationship with my body and learned how to heal. Today, I’m a changed woman, and here to tell you, you can do it too. If you’re ready, I can help you achieve what feels impossible: break free from IBS and reclaim your life.

Natasha Kerry Smith, Nutritionist & Kettlebell Trainer.

Upcoming Programs

Wild Woman Nutrition offers a range of programs including kettlebell training and plant therapy designed to connect you to your body, boost your energy and balance your gut.

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