The IBS Kitchen makes food easy for people with IBS

If you’re ready to break free from IBS and live a fuller life, you’re in the right place, the IBS Kitchen is for YOU!

The IBS Kitchen offers Meal Plans & Self-Care Packages for IBS

Make food choice easy, restore gut balance and boost energy!


Meal Planning for IBS

End food fear and make meal choice easy by learning how to shop for and create Low FODMAP meals that balance your gut.


Meal Planning & Self-Care Coaching for IBS

Learn how to meal plan and feed your body with nutrient-dense meals that balance your gut and boost your energy.


Pre-prepared Meals Delivery Service

Tailored meal planning, self-care coaching and meals delivered to your door weekly that balance your gut.


Natasha is so in tune with every aspect of healing IBS, she quickly pinpointed the areas I needed to change, and set me tasks that broadened my perspective on why my body was behaving like a petulant teenager. In a very short space of time I saw results that amazed me.

I feel so much better and now, less than two months later, I no longer need to take laxatives, sleep much better and am learning to identify triggers, track progress, and understand setbacks. Working with Natasha is enjoyable, informative, but most of all empowering.

— Susan McCann, Dublin

Upcoming Programs

The IBS Kitchen offers a range of programs including kettlebell training and plant therapy designed to connect you to your body, boost your energy and balance your gut.

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