Answer the Call of the Wild

One of the greatest self-care secrets that you can access for free, and at any time, is spending time in nature. All it takes is a walk through a forest or along a shoreline to recharge your frazzled nerves. When you spend time in nature, what you’re doing is answering the call of the wild, an ancient practice that lives inside you and longs to be heard.

In this podcast, Onnit CEO Aubrey Marcus talks to lion tracker Boyd Varty about how he answered the call of the wild and discovered the healing properties of nature. In 2020, Boyd decided to spend 40 days living in an ebony tree on the banks of a river in South Africa. He lived on grits and animal instinct and was constantly surprised by the unexpected ways nature communicated with and changed his consciousness.

Once he learned to live in harmony with the wilderness, he started to feel a different kind of aliveness and healing. He noticed how the animals ate, always slowly and with a gentle but focused purpose. He felt the absence of mirrors and the constant judgment of his appearance. He watched new questions fill his mind. He learned how to let go. He learned of a greater intelligence all around him and how it was connected to something deep inside him.

These are some of the lessons Boyd took back with him.

A. Just do one thing at a time.

B. Live in harmony with light.

C. Listen to the healing sound of animals.

D. The non-verbal world is more powerful than our verbal world.

E. Find your tone.

F. Fear is a great teacher.

G. Connection begins inside.

Watch the podcast: LINK HERE


How can you spend time in nature this week? Not all of us can opt to live in a tree for a month. I certainly couldn’t. But it’s not necessary to go to such extremes. A walk in a local park. Sit on a bench by a river. Plant a flower. Nature is all around you. Find what works for you.

Post your discoveries in the comments below.

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