Natasha Kerry Smith, Nutritionist & Kettlebell Trainer

Wild Woman Philosophy: Know Thyself

Hi, I’m Natasha, and IBS stole years of my life. Flare-ups, belly bloat and mood swings robbed me of energy, time, and self-belief. Lunch could put me in a coma. Big goals seemed impossible. All I wanted was to feel normal again.

For more than twenty years, I was at war with myself until l made changes that forced me to change the conversation with my body. In 2014, I quit alcohol and started going to the gym.

The more I worked out, the more my relationship with my body changed, and slowly, the conversation changed too. Instead of the angry disappointment I was used to hurling at myself, I became curious, really curious.

Seven years on, it’s not too much to say I’m a changed woman, one in touch with nature and the natural rhythms of her body, who knows what and when to eat, how to eat, how to get good sleep, how to relax and recover, and most importantly, how to walk away from things and people that don’t serve me.

I’m a certified nutritionist who studied nutrition to understand what was going on in my body, and because I was tired of reading fitness guidelines listing food I can’t eat. Along the way, I developed a new connection to and fascination for food. Today, I see it not only as fuel for my body but also as a gateway to story, both mine and hers.

My advice is drawn from a wealth of personal experience as well as study and ongoing investigation. Not only have I researched these topics, I’ve lived them, and much of my work is driven by a need to restore and maintain my own gut health, energy balance, lean and muscle mass.

The Greeks have a saying: know thyself. This is the root of gut health and balanced living. By providing you with food guidelines that examine your eating choices and daily habits, I’ll help you “know thyself,” giving you nutritional tools that change your relationship with food and serve you for the rest of your life.

For information on an eating plan that could work for you, email me: wildwomanaw@gmail.com

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