The burden of food sensitivities adds to the stress of (van) life

No one talks about the burden of food sensitivities. It’s embarrassing. Who wants to share the details of gassy bowels? But unlike contemporary digestive systems, food sensitivities are not picky; they attack everyone. The lack of conversation on the subject adds to the anxiety. I know this firsthand.

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Where do you go to let your ego die?

It was a rough week, unmoored and frantic, as I faced some tough decisions. On Sunday morning, I pulled back the curtain that hangs next to the bed above the driver’s cabin, and the rail fell down, exposing a set of rusted nails.

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Can you re-jig a faulty nervous system?

On Saturday morning my battery light is red again, dead again, and I’m feeling like every day of van-life is not a journey into the unknown, just to the mechanics. It’s looking like I’ve no option but to spend time indoors again until the van is fixed. Despite the problems, I already miss her.

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A support system is key to success

The hardest part of achieving any goal is not the first step. That’s usually relatively easy. In the beginning of any new goal, you’re fired up and eager for results. What’s difficult is maintaining that energy. That’s why a support system is so important, according to Kate Hudson.

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Is Cannabis Safe for IBS?

4 Ways Cannabis Helps Me Manage IBS

For most of my thirties, I was terrified of lunch. Back then it wasn’t uncommon for me to fall into a comatose sleep after my midday meal, a nap so deep a kitchen fire couldn’t wake me. And it felt totally random, so I never knew if my next meal would be the one to knock me out.

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Perimenopause & Anxiety

4 Natural Ways to Reduce the Anxiety of Perimenopause

In 2019, I started having panic attacks. I’m a highly-strung person anyway, but this was different – it felt like my skin was on fire. Simple tasks like going to the shop to buy groceries left me short of breath and trembling. I couldn’t sleep, concentrate, or work. I lost my job, confidence, and peace of mind. At the time, I’d no idea my symptoms were normal.  

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LDL Too High?

What to eat when your LDL is high and you have IBS

Your body needs cholesterol. In fact, it’s part of you. Cholesterol is found in every cell in the body, in the plasma membrane, the cell’s protective wall, a fluid-like structure that keeps good chemicals in and bad chemicals out. These days, it’s common to hear that if your “LDL is too high,” it’s bad, but that’s an over-simplification of how cholesterol works.

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