Living with IBS

What it’s like to live with IBS

IBS robbed me of my youth. That sounds extreme but only another woman with IBS understands what I mean. When my symptoms were at their worst, I lived in a fizz of stress, always on edge, never quite able to catch up, and so jealous of women who seemed to be able to eat and drink whatever they wanted without being floored for three days.

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IBS & Anxiety

Does Digestion affect Mood?

Most of us think digestion begins in the stomach but in fact, it starts in the brain and is organised by the nervous system. This is why internal stressors (what we think and feel) and external stressors (what we see or smell) can affect our digestion and how the GI tract (the delivery system from the mouth to the organs and anus) behaves.

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Answer the Call of the Wild

One of the greatest self-care secrets that you can access for free, and at any time, is spending time in nature. All it takes is a walk through a forest or along a shoreline to recharge your frazzled nerves. When you spend time in nature, what you’re doing is answering the call of the wild, an ancient practice that lives inside you and longs to be heard.

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