Care Package 3: Pre-prepared Meals Delivery Service

Who is this package for?

This plan is for people with IBS who don’t have time to prepare balanced meals, and are experiencing the following symptoms:

  • Weight flux
  • Water retention
  • Low energy
  • Belly bloat
  • Food fear
  • Sleepless nights
  • Low mood
  • Body Shame
  • Disconnection from self

What will you gain?

As well as meals delivered on a weekly basis, you’ll receive education on the following:

  • An understanding of hormonal changes
  • Knowledge of carb and protein functions in diet
  • Knowledge of food and mood triggers
  • Insight into body type and hydration
  • Information on low FODMAP foods for bone and brain health
  • Learning when to eat what
  • Insight into how to build stronger bones
  • Weekly meal plan and training ideas

How does the plan work?

This service is COMING SOON!

For more information on this service OR to join the waitlist, please get in touch, send an email to:

“When your Nerve deny you, Go Above your Nerve.”

Emily Dickinson
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