1. Achieve Fitness Goals

Achieving fitness goals and maintaining lean mass is more challenging for women with IBS due to our distinct dietary needs. Because women with IBS are allergic to carbs, one of the main food sources for building lean mass in women, it’s difficult for us to follow general fitness guidelines and get the energy we need to maintain gut health and strong bodies.

2. Overcome Limits

If you’re a woman with IBS who’s tired of reading fitness guidelines full of foods you can’t eat? Sick of watching friends make gains while you gain flab? Exhausted by a body that feels heavy as a lead weight? Done with cheat meals that floor you for days? Exasperated with food fear? At your wits end with belly bloat, weight fluctuations and mood swings? Wild Woman Nutrition is for YOU!

3. Find Food for Life

Food intolerances are bafflingly individual, which is why you’ll never find food plans tailored to your specific needs. What I do is work with you within a range of low FODMAP foods, giving you the tools you need to create a sustainable diet that provides you with go-to meals designed to balance your gut health and get you on-track with your fitness goals.

Low FODMAP Eating Plans & Fitness Tools



Do you want to end food fear and make meal choice easy by learning how to prepare low FODMAP meals that ease belly bloat and balance your gut?

DISCOVER your weekly food plan.



Do you want to build lean mass by learning how to train in rhythm with your body and prepare nutrient-dense meals that balance your energy?

DISCOVER your weekly food & training plan



Do you want to restore your energy by learning how to ease the hormonal flux of menopause with nutrition and fitness tools tailored to you?

DISCOVER your weekly food plan.


Natasha is so in tune with every aspect of healing IBS, she quickly pinpointed the areas I needed to change, and set me tasks that broadened my perspective on why my body was behaving like a petulant teenager. In a very short space of time I saw results that amazed me.

I feel so much better and now, less than two months later, I no longer need to take laxatives, sleep much better and am learning to identify triggers, track progress, and understand setbacks. Working with Natasha is enjoyable, informative, but most of all empowering.

— Susan McCann, Dublin

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